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Hedge cutting places the ideal finishing touch on a garden, develops a nice border, looks stunning and also keeps the neighbours sweet. In addition, keeping a bush trimmed routinely helps it to keeps its form and also prevents troubles with undesirable shade. Hedge trimming used to be reliant upon hand shears – nowadays, a wide variety of electrical power tools are conveniently available making the maintenance of hedgerows much easier.

When Should You Do The Cutting?

trimmed hedgeA regular trimming routine makes it much easier to regulate bushes – not least the notorious leylandii. Just like the majority of garden maintenance, cutting regularly makes things a lot easier compared to leaving upkeep up until the bush has actually taken control of the yard. Most ever green hedgerow call for trimming a few times throughout their season of growth. Conifers need particular focus as a result of their rapid growth. In comparison, maintenance of informal bushes is established by when they flower – spring for the things like the fuchsia, whilst it is later on in the year for the forsythia. There is a quite a bit of variance with the many different hedge and bushes and you’ll soon discover the rate at which you need to maintain whichever type it is that you have in your garden.

How To Trim Hedges

It takes a bit of practice to cut a hedge to perfection. Some bushes will require a systematic approach, beginning with the top, and then coming down the sides. To prevent the spread of fungal diseases the trimmings should be cleaned up thoroughly. Guidebooks commonly suggest that informal bushes should be permitted to grow a bit more, with periodic cutting to ensure that they do not get too out of control. Dwarf hedges are far easier to maintain, perhaps only requiring a trim  in springtime and again during the middle of the summertime.

Hedge Trimming Devices

You can do small trims with hand shears -it can actually be very therapeutic to do some of the smaller jobs by hand, However, for the bigger hedges, it’s time to get the power tools out. That means something along the following lines:

Mains Electric

The modern-day electric trimmer is a tidy, environment friendly choice – although sometimes the constraints of cord length and the danger of using it in damp weather. Battery hedge trimmers, likewise called a cordless, are tidy and light and also remove the issue of cords. They can have quite a short run-time between charge times though, which could limit the amount of trimming that you can actually do.

Petrol powered trimmers however, can be used anywhere without the danger of a trailing cord. They’re powerful too, but heavier and obviously noisier, compared to electric devices.

Longer Reach Hedge Trimmers

Many hedges can be tended to with standard tools and a step-ladder. For taller hedges, you will likely require the use of a telescopic hedge trimmer with a longer grasp which can make cutting easier.

Whatever methods you choose to employ – be sure to enjoy your nicely groomed garden when you are done.

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