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If you are considering planting new trees in your garden you need to give some serious thought to how big the trees will actually grow. Throwing a seed in the ground is the easy part! A newly created garden can look spacious, and when you look at the seeds, or if you choose to plant a sapling, it’s hard to really comprehend how big the end product will be.

As such you need to do your research and choose your trees wisely, otherwise you and/or the neighbours might live to regret it when you can no longer see the lovely view from your garden, or the roots of the tree actually encroach onto your property and begin to cause damage. Choose wisely!

Placing Your Tree

sapling ready to plantMost people will choose a healthy sapling to plant. Once you have done your due diligence, it’s time to decide where to plant your tree. You’ll need to dig a hole about 60cm x 90cm to a depth of about 30cm. Keep the soil you remove to one side.

Place the tree in the hole and choose the best side to face the front. You’ll want a stake to place alongside the tree to keep it stable and protect against strong winds. Position the stake, remove the tree and then secure the stake in place, leaving the head of the stake just below where the head of the tree will be.

Replacing The Soil

Put the tree back in place and fill in some of the soil and preferably add a compost mixture. Wiggle the tree a little bit to get the soil down in to the roots. Firm the soil and add more soil, until the soil is back to the surrounding level. Firm down again and then soak the soil well before finishing with a layer of peat or compost over the soil to retain the moisture.

Secure The Tree

Use a tree tie to secure the tree to the stake, be sure not use wire or you will likely damage the tree. It’s imperative to ensure that the roots never dry out, particularly over the summertime, so water regularly as required and your tree should grow big and string and be a happy tree for many years.


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