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Rather than letting old and damaged trees go to waste, recycling the bushes and branches using a wood chipper is a fantastic way to enhance the look of your garden. There a variety of ways to use them and here are 5 to get you started. 

Flower Beds Look Great With Wood Chip Coverings 

wood chip flower bed coverWood chippings are also a fantastic way to cover up your flower beds and provide an attractive finish to your garden. Not only does it look good but it also serves as a great barrier against the frost, insects and other natural elements. It also retains the moisture better allowing the roots of the plants to feed more consistently.

Use Wood Chippings In The Children’s Play Area

Wood chippings can be a great play area for the children. They can expend their energy with less danger of injuring themselves in the inevitable event of them falling over, as they do when they are toddlers. It only requires 4-5 inches of wood chippings around the ground of any play area and it acts as a cushion which will serve to protect from the kids suffering too many bumps and bruises.

Wood Chippings Work Very Well With Compost

If you add wood chippings to your compost it serves as a great way to increase the content of your feed, and also enhance the quality of it. Be sure to soak the chippings for several days to allow the chippings to soften before adding them to the mix. It might take slightly longer to break down than some of the other stuff in the compost mix but it’s well worth throwing some in there.

Garden Pathways Look More Natural With Wood Chips

If you have pathways in your garden, wood chippings can be used as an alternative to gravel, and it will probably save you some money too. It’s best to use more finely chopped wood chippings for this to give you a better appearance.

Jazz Up Your Hanging Baskets And Flower Pots

Just as you can use wood chippings to spread over the soil of plants when they are growing, you can also use them for the same purpose in hanging baskets and flower pots too. You might even decide to use a wood stain on the chippings to bring even more colour or complement the natural colours of your plants. Just be sure to use a product that has been certified environmentally safe.

Use Your Imagination

We hope this has given you some ideas of the many things you can do with wood chippings. If you use your imagination we are sure you will be able to come up with many more ways to utililse wood chippings in your garden.


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